Cadaver Dogs Help with Appleby Investigation

Oct 3, 2017

11 year old Trudy Appleby
Credit Moline Police Department

A disappointing day for Moline police, hoping to finally solve the Trudy Appleby case. On Monday, cadaver dogs were brought in to help search two properties on Campbell's Island - the dogs indicated the possibility of human remains on one site, but after digging, none were found.

Moline Detective Mike Griffin says some "items" he won't identify were found, and will be processed, but he has no idea now if they have any connection to the disappearance 21 years ago of the 11 year old girl.

The next step he says is to "keep pushing, and keep the pressure on."

"Sooner or later people related to the suspect are going to come forward and realize it's time to do the right thin, time to giver Dennis (Appleby) and his family closure and put this case to bed."

In August, on the anniversary of her disappearance, police put out a call for anyone with information to come forward. And they named the late William "Ed" Smith, who lived on Campbell's Island, as a "person of interest."

"Twenty-one years ago when she went missing, we were absolutely, 100 % concerned with prosecution on the case and safe recovery of Trudy. I think as time has gone on, we are more focused on resolving the case and we're not as concentrated on criminal prosecution."

No more digging on Campbell's Island is planned, at least for now, as the items dug up on Monday are processed, and he says there's hope people with information will contact police.