Bustos Says Compromise Will Make Border Safe

Feb 15, 2019

Illinois 17th District Congresswoman, Cheri Bustos.
Credit Cheri Bustos

Despite being less than the president wanted, the bills to keep the federal government open will provide border security. That's according to Congresswoman Cheri Bustos from Moline and Illinois' 17th District. 

She says the package of bills includes 1.3 billion dollars for about 55 miles of some sort of barrier along the Texas-Mexico border, but also hundreds of millions for port of entry inspections, new immigration judges, and aircraft and sensors to watch the border. 

"We all believe in making sure our country is safe and that our people are safe. The way we are addressing this is the way we should address it - it's a combinastion of methods for border security."

She says the bill will provide the "newest and greatest technology" to keep our southern border safe and secure. 

Also included in the Congressional compromise, according to Bustos, are 17 billion dollars for infrastructure projects across the country, and 3 billion for local law enforcement - to hire more officers, reduce the backlog of sexual assault cases, and address the opioid crisis.