Bustos on How Democrats Can Win Over Blue Collar & Rural Voters

Jan 12, 2018

East Moline Congresswoman, Cheri Bustos, is trying to teach democrats how win in the Midwest and rural areas. This week, she released a report from her political action committee called, "Hope from the Heartland." 

And this morning, Bustos talked about it on NPR's Morning Edition.

US Rep. Cheri Bustos
Credit file / WVIK News

Bustos told Host David Greene democrats must earn the trust of rural and working class voters by listening to them, learning from them, and re-connecting with them. She says the key is to focus on democratic policies that create jobs and economic growth, which unite people instead of divide them.

The 17th District congresswoman worked with Monmouth College's Professor Robin Johnson to produce the report. They talked with 72 state and local democratic officials who've won tough elections in eight states. You can read the report below, and listen to David Greene's interview with Bustos HERE.

Bustos Hope From the Heartland-Final by Michelle O'Neill on Scribd