Bullock Brings Presidential Campaign to QC

May 18, 2019

Democratic presidential candidate, Steve Bullock, on Saturday at Baked Beer and Break Co. in the Village of East Davenport.
Credit WVIK News

Less than a week after he became the 23rd Democratic candidate for president, Montana governor Steve Bullock traveled to Iowa, ending a three-day campaign trip on Saturday in Davenport.

He warned the audience of about 50 local party members that winning next year will not be easy.

"If we don't change our strategy, if we don't win back places that we lost in 2016, if we don't give people a reason to vote for us, not just against him, then Donald Trump is going to cruise to another election."

Bullock stressed his bipartisan appeal - he was elected in 2016 even though Donald Trump won his state by 20 points. And he's been able to work with a GOP-majority legislature.

"We passed Medicaid expansion providing 100,000 Montanans with health care for the first time, taking our uninsured rate from 20 per cent down to 7 per cent today."

But he also says he protected abortion rights, access to voting, public lands, and workers' right to organize.

The Iowa Caucuses are now set for February 3rd.