The Buffalo Bill Museum Addition

May 1, 2018

Desk replicas from the one room museum.
Credit Buffalo Bill Museum / Buffalo Bill Museum

The Buffalo Bill Museum in Le Claire is building a replica of a one room school house. It's modeled after a school house the museum owns, but couldn't move. 

Director Bob Schiffky says the addition will feature artifacts and tools children would have used in a one room school.

"We just had a group of school kids come in this morning of about 45 kids. Of course they come from schools that have white boards. You know, they don't have black boards and they don't have desks like we have. We also have textbooks that were used 100-years ago."

The project will cost around $132,000.

Schiffky says construction began today and will continue this summer at the Buffalo Bill Museum.

He says one room school houses were popular for about 100 years starting in 1850.