Be Safe Around Farm Vehicles

Sep 25, 2018

Credit / Iowa Department of Transportation on Twitter

It's officially fall, and that means farmers are harvesting crops and driving combines, tractors, and other large machines. 

Farm vehicles are larger and often much slower than regular car traffic. And whether it's a main road or a rural one, people should be cautious when driving near them.

Iowa State Trooper Daniel Loussaert says while farm equipment does have mirrors and sometimes cameras, farmers still cannot see everything around them.

"Just realize that the person operating the farm equipment doesn't want to be there and they're going to try to do what they can to congest traffic the least amount possible, and they're probably not going to be out there very long."

Unfortunately, Loussaert says that crashes between cars and farm vehicles are usually more serious and frequently fatal.

"Definitely be looking out for yourself and your own safety because if something goes wrong and you're involved in an accident with a farm vehicle, it's a much greater chance of injury."

Drivers should be patient, go slow, and be careful when passing farm equipment.