Augustana Revamps Career Development

Jan 10, 2019

From now on, Augustana College students will get more personal help when making decisions about their careers. The career office on campus in Rock Island hosted an open house on Thursday to kick-off its revamped "Viking Score" program.

Previously, it was a checklist of job development activities for students to complete. But, Laura Kestner-Ricketts, from the career office, says the rebooted Viking Score gives students more incentives and motivation to think ahead.

Credit Augustana College

"We really tried to make it be more meaningful and more intentional," said Kestner-Ricketts. "So students are actually changing who they are and moving forward in their career path, rather than students just checking off something and moving on."

Activities include anything from career fairs to interviews with professionals, depending on where the student is in the process and their field.

Augustana's program also offers new incentives to students with high Viking Scores. They could get business card holders and professional portfolios. Graduating seniors with particularly high scores will attend an end-of-the-year honors banquet, along with a mentor.