Arconic Looks For Help Naming Eaglets

Apr 28, 2019

Arconic is looking for names for two newborn eaglets. 

The company has operated an online "eagle cam" since two bald eagles first nested in a tree on the property in Riverdale in 2010. And in the nine years since Liberty and Justice have fledged fourteen eaglets.

Credit Arconic Eagle Cam

The eggs are usually laid around mid-February and hatch in late-March, and this year was no exception. Arconic spokesman John Riches says the company turned to its Facebook page and website for name suggestions, and was flooded with responses.

"We narrowed down the hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of names that we had gotten suggestions for over the last week and a half," said Riches. "We narrowed it out to five sets of names with two names each and those five sets are out on our website now for people to vote on."

The five pairs of names are: Challenger and Endeavor, Courage and Valor, River and Patriot, Stellar and Twilight, and Windy and Storm. Names for the previous previous young eagles have from from Freedom, to Sky and Mercury. 

Voting will be open until Monday, April 29th, and the company will announce the birds' names the following morning.