April Snow Brings May High Flows

Apr 30, 2018

The Mississippi River is rising and will continue to rise in May as snow melts north of the Quad Cities area. The weather service says earlier this month, heavy snow fell onto snowpack from the winter. As it got warmer, most of the snow has been melting and running off into the Mississippi.

Local meteorologists say the potential is "high" for several locations to rise to flood stage or higher. And moderate flooding is possible in a few locations.

Forecasters expect the Mississippi to crest in northwestern Illinois and eastern Iowa during the first two weeks of May. Rain may affect how high the river gets, and when. Flood statements from the Quad Cities National Weather Service always include rain that's in the forecast for the next 24 hours.

Flood warnings are in effect for Dubuque, Camanche, and the Quad Cities, where minor flooding is forecast.

Today in Dubuque, the Mississippi is two feet below flood stage and rising. It's forecast to reach flood stage on Wednesday and rise another foot by Friday night.

In Camanche, the river is 2.5 feet below flood stage and rising. It's expected to reach flood stage Friday night and reach nearly a foot above flood stage on Sunday. 

At Lock and Dam 15 in the Quad Cities, it's three feet below flood stage and rising. It's expected to reach flood stage on Saturday morning, then rise nearly a foot by Sunday night.

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