52 Weeks, 52 Songs: QC Musician Completes Ambitious New Year's Resolution

Dec 31, 2018

New Year's resolutions are easier said than done. Putting pen to paper is one thing, but putting nose to the grindstone is another. Only an estimated 8% of people who set these personal goals actually see them through, according to research from the University of Scranton.

Of course, it's hard for those exceptional few to actually prove they did, in fact, follow through with their resolutions. Not so for Lewis Knudsen: the Rock Island-based singer-songwriter can proudly point to his catalog of 52 original singles he wrote and recorded in the 52 weeks of 2018. It's a testament to his execution of an ambitious resolution he set last New Year's.

WVIK's Benjamin Payne has Knudsen's story:

A playlist of Knudsen's 52 songs from his 2018 New Year's resolution project can be accessed here on Spotify.

You can find all of Knudsen's music on his website, where he links to his catalogs on several different music-streaming platforms.

Songs included in this story are "Give Me The Victory" and "People Get Ready".