10-year-old Writes Historical Book

Oct 3, 2017

10-year-old Jude Rennie and Tim Ayers, Jude's Grandfather.
Credit Tim Ayers

An unlikely, local author is making history come to life. With the help of his family, ten-year-old Jude Rennie, from LeClaire, has written an adventure book for kids about Buffalo Bill. 

His Grandfather, Tim Ayers, says he hopes this will help them will learn more about the Wild West. 

"Kids will really learn about Buffalo Bill and about the old west and about LeClaire. We have things in there about slave quilts and the Underground Rail Road, just things I thought would hit Buffalo Bill's life. Therefore, we need to let kids know what he was going through, what he was learning, what he was seeing, and make a good, historical account of the book." 

The book is named "Buffalo Bill and the Magic Amulet". Ayres says it's written for children in grades eight and below, and is available at the Buffalo Bill Museum in LeClaire and on Amazon. It is a fundraiser for the Museum and he and his Grandson are working on another adventure book about Buffalo Bill. 

The book launch party for "Buffalo Bill and the Magic Amulet"will be held on Saturday, October 14th at the Buffalo Bill Museum.