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This August 19th, you can explore the Mississippi in the event that has captivated watersport enthusiasts nationwide. The mighty river is shutting down to all outside watercraft for the largest paddling event on the Mississippi...


Long-time Quad Citians who haven't participated are most likely familiar with the float, have heard exciting stories from others who have made the voyage, or have seen pictures of the massive assembly of over a thousand canoes and kayaks formed together in a magnificent flotilla.

If you've been interested in the past and are considering making an inaugural paddle this summer, here's why this is the year you should join in the fun!

Floatzilla is a one-of-its-kind opportunity to experience this stunningly scenic route down the Mississippi without congestive commercial and motorized traffic. On Floatzilla, the river belongs to the paddlers!

The Floatzilla design focuses on allowing those of all different skill levels to participate. With seven different routes available, ranging from an 11-mile trek for the particularly adventurous beginning in Empire Park in Moline to a short half-mile ride from Credit Island to Lake Potter - nobody should feel this event is out of their reach.

Participant safety is paramount for Floatzilla. Our safety team, comprised of members of the U.S. Coast Gaurd Auxiliary, Iowa and Illinois DNR, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Park Rangers, Fire Departments from Davenport, Moline, Rock Island, East Moline and Buffalo, Rock Island Scherrifs department, and more, have been awarded by the United States Coastguard for their work in the event. All routes are under the diligent supervision of safety boats up and down the river, with action plans to respond to any incident. As one of our safety team leaders explained simply, "It is the safest day of the year to be riding on the river."

Floatzilla is a community of people who love our community, nature, and the river's adventure. Operated by River Action, a Quad Cities-based non-profit focused on fostering the Mississippi River's environmental, economic, and cultural vitality and its Riverfront in the region, your support in participating in Floatzilla goes directly back into protecting and improving accessibility of the natural assets of the Quad Cities.

If you would like to learn more about Floatzilla, please visit floatzillaqc.org

Thank you!