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The Importance of Environmental Education

Deciding to pursue an environmental science degree was a very unplanned adventure. As I was pursuing elementary education, I always found myself fascinated with our ecosystem and writing papers on environmental topics. It was a subject I grew very fond of, but never knew if that was even a career option for me. Soon after I discovered environmental sciences as a major, I decided to switch. A decision I will never regret. I recently got my bachelor’s in environmental science at San Diego State University. In my studies, I learned a wide variety of topics. It skewed from environmental economics, conservation policy, hydrology, to taking sustainability courses and field trips to national parks. I grew such a deep appreciation for the many people who devoted their life’s work to helping our ecosystems, but I grew an even deeper appreciation for our planet and all those species that reside on it. Through my course work, I found ways I could live a more sustainable life, ways to promote a sustainable life, and found likeminded people who wanted the same outcome as me. A healthy planet that could be sustained for future generations.

In my opinion, that’s what makes environmental education so important. You have the opportunity to grow a deeper understanding of the world around you and you get to learn about the human connection to its environment throughout history. You also gain the knowledge and resources that could really help and make a difference when it comes to helping our planet. While in college, I learned about the wide array of job opportunities that are available. You could work with non-profits organizations, the government, or even your city. You could potentially find research positions or field work opportunities under various environmental topics that interest you. It really becomes such a limitless career that can give you the ability to make a difference either within your community or even your state.

If you or someone you know is thinking about pursuing an environmental field or already is at a college or university, River Action though funding from the Tony and Joyce Singh Family Foundation has scholarship opportunities for you. Our Eddy Scholarship applications are open and will be due March 24th. There are three $1,000 scholarships that you can apply for that can go towards your educational career. There will be a preference for those students who are attending a college or university in the Quad Cities area and the scholarships will be awarded during the annual Fish & Fire dinner on April 28th. Go to riveraction.org/scholarship for more information or call River Action on 563.322.2969 if you have any questions.