Colleen Sibthorp

Director of Finance and Membership

I joined WVIK in the Spring of 1992, as a student employee, while attending Augustana College.  I was quickly drawn into the fun and excitement of broadcasting –“bitten by a bug.” And after I completed my studies in psychology, computer science and accounting at 1995, was hired by Don Wooten to continue helping out around the office and work in our APRIS program.    Soon, my duties outside of APRIS became the priority and I left the day-to-day operations of the reading service behind, to move to the job of a “Business Manager.”  I’m still not sure what this title means, but judging by the paperwork on my desk of audited financial statements, membership and donor data, underwriting agreements and federal forms required to keep the station operations legal – I’d say it’s really other duties as assigned.    Most of the time I get to answer the phone, and daily I take calls from listeners who were moved enough by our programming that they bothered to pick up the phone and call.  I get to talk to happy and unhappy listeners, and every call I take makes all that paperwork on my desk worthwhile. I get to support the work of great broadcasting.  My family lives in Moline.  Our children and pets get the luxury of listening to Michelle, Dave, Mindy, & Herb each day.  When we are working in the garden, walking the dog, quilting, editing the photos I enjoy taking of my beautiful girls, or just puttering around the house.  We always have it on.     I get to be a part of it all It’s a pretty good job – whatever the job title is.

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The number of COVID-19 cases and deaths continues to rise in the US, Illinois, Iowa, and the Quad Cities. To give more context, the first slide in the slide show above features a line graph with two axes plotted over the same timeframe. Keep in mind they are not to scale or equalized by using figures per 100,000 population. (In other words, the numbers should not be compared by how high they are in relation to one another.)

You may compare cases vs. deaths by increases and decreases. For example, did an increase in case numbers over the Fourth of July result in an similar increase in deaths a few weeks later? 

The second slide also features a secondary axis, so the same caution applies. It's monthly cases and deaths reported in the Quad Cities.

(Previous version: 10/9/2020)

- Scott County Iowa and Rock Island County, Illinois Health Departments COVID-19 press briefing.

Who: Ed Rivers, Scott County Health Department Nita Ludwig, Rock Island County Health Department

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Follow NPR's live coverage of the 2020 New Hampshire Primary, including results and analysis.


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President Trump is speaking to the nation following attacks on military bases in Iraq where U.S. troops are stationed. Trump tweeted on Tuesday night that "All is well!" and that an assessment of the casualties was underway. Iran said the missiles were launched as an act of self-defense after the U.S. killed Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani in Iraq.

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The House Judiciary Committee is holding its first hearing in the impeachment inquiry, focused on constitutional grounds for impeachment. The Judiciary Committee is tasked with drafting potential articles of impeachment against President Trump. Watch the hearing live.

WVIK announces the winner of the design for the 2019 WVIK Artist Mug.  Listeners selected the design by David R. Anderson of the i74 bridge  depicting a riverboat and river revelers.  

WVIK 2014 Election Results