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Don't Forget to Get Routine Immunizations

Scott County Health Department
Credit CDC

Quad Cities health officials are worried about a drop in the number of people who've been vaccinated.

And they want to prevent outbreaks of pertussis, measles, meningitis, hepatitis, and other preventable diseases. 

Roma Taylor, Clinical Services Manager for the Scott County Health Department, says the decline is because of the pandemic and stay at home orders.

"In Iowa for March through April in all age groups, the number of people who got vaccinated dropped 40.4% compared to last year."

The number of babies under two years old getting immunizations in Iowa declined 35% in April. And for adolescents in Iowa, the drop was 75%, also in April. That does not include flu vaccinations.

Taylor, local pediatricians, and the county health departments strongly encourage parents to make appointments now to get the vaccines required for their children and teens to attend school. 

The Rock Island County Health Department has started accepting appointments for its immunization clinic. Scott County's health department has a similar program. And Community Health Care is accepting new patients for wellness check-ups and vaccinations.

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