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Rubio Campaigns in Davenport

WVIK Staff
Rubio speaking at Modern Woodmen Park in Davenport

America's "leaders are out of touch and out-dated." That was part of the message from Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio, who spoke in Davenport tonight, and proposed adding term limits to every level of the federal government. 

The US Senator from Florida says the 2016 election is "a generational choice" about what kind of country America will be in the future. 
Rubio says the government's top priority should be national security. 

He says the federal government should not fund K-12 education.

And, he says it's important to "modernize higher education," by adding vocational classes to high schools and creating alternatives to federal student loans. 

Rubio also warned America is reaching a debt crisis, adding that problems with Medicare and Social Security are partly to blame. He proposes fixing Medicare by pushing back the retirement age and making it easier for people to purchase private insurance.