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National Politics

Rand Paul Campaigns in the QC

WVIK Staff

If republicans are going to win the White House next year, they'll have to do something different. And after two losses in a row that includes picking a different kind of candidate for president.

That was the message today in Davenport from Rand Paul who says he's the different kind of candidate the GOP needs. 
And if we do that, Paul says, he and republicans will win next year. 

Credit WVIK Staff
Paul signed copies of his new book and posed with those who bought it, here with Mike Clark of Davenport.

But he wasn't shy about criticizing members of his own party and democrats for being too quick to intervene in the Middle East, and in his opinion, encouraging the growth and success of ISIS, the Islamic State. 

I would think long and hard before sending 1 more American soldier to that cesspool.

Paul believes for all their faults, Saddam Hussein and MuammarGaddafi did not tolerate radicals, and the US should not have forced them from power.