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EICC Will Help Develop New National Curriculum


The Eastern Iowa Community Colleges will help develop programs for an important new major. The National Science Foundation has awarded a 7.5 million dollar grant to create the Environmental and Natural Resources Technology Center (EARTH Center).

Vice Chancellor Ellen Bluth says the district will work with other colleges and organizations to develop curriculum for careers in environmental technology - a major that would focus on water and air pollution, solid waste, sustainability, conservation, and renewable energy.

"One of our partners is the Iowa Flood Center. So you have too much water, not enough water, extreme weather events are going to continue to occur - those are all related to the environment."

Partners in the project include ten community colleges and universities, plus the Nahant Marsh in Davenport.

She says in addition to preparing young people for careers in environmental technology, she hopes the new EARTH Center will make people aware of the many environmental issues we face.