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Ideas for the I-74 Corridor in Downtown Moline

urban land inst cover.PNG
Urban Land Institute
the report prepared for the city of Moline with suggestions for the downtown I-74 Corridor, available at www.renewmoline.com

Once the new bridge is completed, what should Moline do with the I-74 Corridor - the downtown land between 7th Avenue and and the river, and from 19 to 23rd streets ?

mill town neighborhood.PNG
Urban Land Institute
possible development of the I-74 Corridor in Moline, once the old bridge is gone.

That was the focus of a study by some outside experts convened by the Urban Land Institute.

Alexandra Elias, President and CEO of Renew Moline, says the experts came up with three main suggestions.

"One was to do more with our river, both the river itself and the riverfront. The second idea was to do more with residential development downtown because they saw some promise there. And the third one was to try to do something that they were calling a heart of the arts district."

She thinks the city also needs to create some sort of large-scale attraction that'll be visible from the I-74 bridge.

"When we think of the 74,000 cars that are going to be going over that bridge per day, we want to really use projects like that, be it a zip line or water spout or something else, to really entice people into our downtown."

The study suggests adding a large zip line-type attraction or even a 400 foot

water spout.PNG
Urban Land Institute
how about a 400 foot water spout, in the Mississippi River, to bring people to downtown Moline ?

water spout, in the river.

Elias says public meetings, both in-person and virtual, will be held this fall to find out what Moline residents think about these suggestions for the I-74 Corridor.

The final report from the Urban Land Institute is available online at the Renew Moline website