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School District Empties Lockers for Students


The buildings are closed, but it's still a busy day in the Rockridge School District. Online classes began Tuesday, and to make sure students have the class materials they need, their lockers have been emptied and the contents can be picked up.

Superintendent Perry Miller says the cleaning crew spent two days emptying more than 600 lockers in the junior high and high school, in Edgington.

 "The content was put into garbage bags and labeled with their names on it.  They are lined up in alphabetical order according to class. There are some band instruments as well, since some of them left them over our break  - we were on spring break when the governor came out and closed the buildings."

Students and families can drive up to the high school main entrance between 1 and 7 pm (Tuesday), and stay in their cars while staff members retrieve their belongings from the south gym and bring them outside.

Also Tuesday, Miller says about 100 families will pick up laptop computers so they  can take classes, online, and at home. The district will also get some wifi hotspots from Verizon for families that currently do not have an internet connection. 

As he says, "learning is happening - our buildings are just closed."

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