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Blast The T.V., And Other Things You Can Do To Minimize Your Pet's Stress Tonight

Downtown Davenport Partnership

Several firework shows will take place in the Quad Cities tonight and tomorrow for Independence Day, but not everyone's enthused by the spectacle or the sounds that come with it.

Animals often have adverse reactions to the crackles and booms that fireworks create, and that can mean chaos for animal shelters. 

Chris Bone is the Director of Kings Harvest Pet Rescue in Davenport. He says there are several ways to minimize your pet's stress. 

"Obviously keep your T.V. up as loud as possible. If you have fans, that noise can help drown out some of that sound. Other things you can do is actually just stay home, instead of going out, to console your animals."

Bone says the shelter will keep its radios on throughout the night to distract animals from the fireworks.

  Kings Harvest is currently housing about 100 cats and 15 dogs.