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Putnam Displays Arsenal of Innovation

WVIK Staff

Most Quad Cities residents are familiar with Arsenal Island, but don't realize it's responsible for designing and producing many items for the military, including canteens and targets for gun practice. That's according to curators at the Putnam Museum in Davenport, which opened a new exhibit last week, called "Arsenal of Innovation."  

Natural Science Curator, Christine Chandler, says it highlights the Arsenal's history of military design and manufacturing.
She says the Arsenal has been developing and manufacturing military equipment since it opened after the Civil War, including leather carrying bags for ammunition and communication devices. The exhibit features some of the early innovations, as well as newer designs, created by a 3-D printer. 

Credit WVIK Staff

And, visitors can also see some of the first weapons manufactured at the Arsenal, the Arsenal Clock Tower's original hands, and a military-equipped John Deere Gator. 

"Arsenal of Innovation" will be on display at the Putnam Museum in Davenport until November.