A man who was once named one of America's Best Leaders will be the commencement speaker for Augustana College. Dr. Eboo Patel will address the college's 159th graduating class in May. 

Davenport School Layoffs

Mar 8, 2019

Bad news for some employees of the Davenport schools. On Friday layoff notices were sent to teachers, secretarial, and administrative staff, as part of the budget reductions agreed to by the board of education.

Moline-Coal Valley School District

Moline High School students now have a bigger stage and better space for the performing arts. This afternoon, the school hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony to officially open the Bartlett Performing Arts Center.

A large crowd gathered late Wednesday afternoon in front of Western Illinois University's main administrative building on the Macomb campus.

Faculty, students, staff, and community members huddled on the steps of Sherman Hall in the cold, chanting, and waving signs with messages such as "Faculty is committed to WIU,"  "Teaching makes admin jobs possible," and "Fight for our families." The group was there for a rally in support of the 132 employees who received layoff notices on March 1.

Janene Murphy

Some students in Bettendorf are preparing for a world robotics competition. The Winter Soldiers, a neighborhood team whose members are 12-18 years old, will go to an international competition in Detroit next month. 

Schedule changes go into effect Monday for the Davenport schools to make up for days lost to bad weather. / Davenport School District, Jackson Elementary School tweet

Davenport students will spend more time in class each day to help the make up for snow days. The public district also plans to add two school days to the calendar to comply with state law.

On Midwest Week, the state makes an "unprecedented" inspection of the Davenport schools.  

Spring Enrollment Down 14% at WIU

Feb 20, 2019 / Western Illinois University website

New enrollment data from Western Illinois University shows nearly 700 students attend classes this semester at the Quad Cities campus. That's a 15% drop compared to last spring.

Western Illinois University recently went through a major reorganization of its employees. According to the Western Factbook, WIU employs around 1,600 people. Only 39% of those jobs were classified as civil service last fall. Jeff Brownfield, Executive Director of the State Universities Civil Service System, believes that figure should be higher.