On Midwest Week, the state makes an "unprecedented" inspection of the Davenport schools.  

Spring Enrollment Down 14% at WIU

Feb 20, 2019 / Western Illinois University website

New enrollment data from Western Illinois University shows nearly 700 students attend classes this semester at the Quad Cities campus. That's a 15% drop compared to last spring.

Western Illinois University recently went through a major reorganization of its employees. According to the Western Factbook, WIU employs around 1,600 people. Only 39% of those jobs were classified as civil service last fall. Jeff Brownfield, Executive Director of the State Universities Civil Service System, believes that figure should be higher.

Property taxes may go down next year for residents of the Eastern Iowa Community College district. Monday night, during work on next year's budget, trustees discussed an administration proposal to lower the tax rate by four cents, to 99-cents per 1,000 dollars assessed value. / Nicolet High School Facebook page

The man who will lead the Davenport School District says his experience will help him steer the district in the right direction.

Wheelan Pressley

A longtime member of the administration at Augustana College has died. John Kindschuh was 92 years old, and passed away last Friday.

After missing a lot of days because of bad weather, one local school district is going to change its schedule to make up the lost classroom time. Starting next month, Rockridge will add half-an-hour to the school day through the end of the school year.

Nicolet High School

A school superintendent from the Milwaukee area will be the next superintendent of the Davenport schools. Thursday the board of education announced the hiring of Robert Kobylski.

Rock Island School District

The interim principal of Rock Island High School has been promoted. 

Courtesy of Augustana College

Students at Augustana College in Rock Island will soon have a new place to hit the gym and hit the books. The college announced Tuesday plans to open a hybrid fitness and academic center by the end of next year.