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RI Economic Growth Corp

With help from the city, some new housing may be built in Rock Island. Monday night, the city council will consider giving a small piece of land, next to the Jackson Square apartments, to the Rock Island Economic Growth Corporation.

Thomson Prison Update

Feb 5, 2015
Bureau of Prisons

More than 100 new workers would be welcome in any town, but they're especially welcome these days in Thomson, Illinois. After years of sitting empty, staffing is ramping up at the federal prison, and the first inmates may arrive in April.

WVIK Staff

Should Davenport help developers remove a downtown eye-sore, replace it with new commercial and office space, and create jobs ? Tonight the city council will consider millions of dollars worth of assistance for RiverWatch Place.

New Galesburg Department

Feb 3, 2015

The city of Galesburg has created a new department, but without hiring any new people or raising taxes. Monday night, the city council approved the formation of the Department of Parks and Recreation.

It's been slow going for city crews in Moline, trying to clean up after the weekend storm, that included rain, wet snow, high winds, and falling temperatures.

Moline Police Department

Thanks to a non-profit organization in Massachusetts, a member of the Moline Police Department will be well-protected on the job. The department has received a ballistic vest for its K-9 officer, Luna, a Belgian Malinois. 

Members of the Iowa Legislature spent hours touring the current and future Iowa State Penitentiaries in Ft. Madison on Friday.  They did so as part of their inquiry into why the new $130-million dollar complex remains empty.

Rail advocates are concerned Governor Bruce Rauner's executive order that puts a hold on non-essential state spending could be the end of the line for two projects that have been chugging along.

After long negotiations, Illinois has agreements to extend two passenger rail routes. One would to go Rockford, the other to the Quad Cities.

Little to no construction has been done on either so far, but head of the Midwest High Speed Rail Association Rick Harnish says 2015 was supposed to be the year.

Gov. Bruce Rauner amped up his anti-union rhetoric Tuesday at a speech in Decatur, a city with deep labor roots.  The Republican bemoaned prevailing wage  requirements on public projects for costing the state extra, said Project Labor Agreements are synonymous with "uncompetitive bidding" and introduced a plan to create local right-to-work zones.  

WVIK Staff

A former US Senator and presidential candidate wants Republicans to re-brand their party. Today  in Davenport, Rick Santorum spoke to the Scott County Lincoln Club, as part of a five-day visit to Iowa.  Two years ago, Santorum won the Republican Iowa Caucuses. And, he's thinking about running for president again. Today, he talked about how things have changed since the 2012 election. 

He said his main goal is "to stand up for the little guy." And, prove average American workers can trust the Republican Party.