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The Mayor of Davenport has removed four members of the city's Civil Rights Commission. Mayor Frank Klipsch says he sent letters and email messages (see below) to Nicole Bribriesco-Ledger, Shylee Garrett, Judy Shawver, and Benjamin Hahn.

City of Moline

Tuesday, April 16th, Moline welcomes a new city administrator. 

Illinois Supreme Court

The Ninth Judicial District in western Illinois is looking for a new judge. / I-74 Mississippi River Bridge project website

Flooding on the Mississippi River is causing another delay in building the new, I-74 bridge.

Michelle O'Neill reports Iowa DOT Planner Sam Shea says the contractor is doing the best it can to catch up and keep workers safe.

Michelle O'Neill / WVIK News

An I-74 contractor has a few more bridges to demolish in Moline as part of this year's I-74 bridge construction. And some of the work will have to be done at night. 

Michelle O'Neill / WVIK News

(This story was broadcast on 4/8/2019. See below for an update.)

Some people who live near I-74 and 7th Avenue are having trouble sleeping because of work on the bridge project.

Michelle O'Neill has more on the source of the late night noise and when it'll end.

The Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce is making another push to get passenger rail service from here to Chicago. This week it asked members of the Illinois Senate to include money for it in a possible infrastructure bill.

Michelle O'Neill / WVIK News

Historic preservation groups plan to post the money required for them to appeal a decision in the Rock Island County courthouse lawsuit.

submitted / City of Davenport, Iowa

Davenport Public Works employees continue to follow the city's flood plan, closing streets and buildings as the Mississippi River rises.

Demolition Delayed Again

Apr 2, 2019

Another delay in the possible demolition of the Rock Island County Courthouse, and it could last a while. On Monday, the Third District Appellate Court granted a request by preservationists to extend a temporary restraining order, blocking demolition.