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To encourage voting and promote safety, the city of Moline will give employees time off. On Monday, Mayor Stephanie Acri issued an order allowing two hours of paid time off, with permission from their supervisor.

Jon Shields, co-author of Trump’s Democrats (along with Stephanie Muravchik), talks about his book’s focus on white, working class voters who switched from voting for Barack Obama to Donald Trump. He provides insights into their reasons, why they are still vital for the Democratic coalition and whether they will come back to Biden.

Former Illinois Governor George Ryan talks about his recent book, Until I Could Be Sure: How I Stopped The Death Penalty in Illinois, and the journey that led him from being a pro-capital punishment conservative to leading the charge to stop the death penalty in Illinois and across the nation.

Tim Alberta, chief political correspondent for Politico Magazine, discusses his book American Carnage: On The Front Lines of the Republican Civil War and the Rise of President Trump, the 2020 election and the political landscape moving forward. He shows how Trump “is not the creator of this era of national disruption....but, rather is its most manifest consequence.”

Ashley Hinson, candidate for Congress in Iowa’s 1st congressional district and current Iowa State Representative from the 67th District, discusses the reasons for her candidacy, Covid, economic revitalization in rural areas, US-China relations, infrastructure, heath care and much more.

Help is available for people who owe criminal and traffic fines and fees to Rock Island County. The circuit clerk's office is offering an amnesty program for them to pay what they owe or set up a payment plan.

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U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst stopped in Davenport yesterday as part of her Ride Across Iowa event. As she addressed supporters outside of the Scott County Republican Headquarters, protestors drove around the parking lot in a truck, waving signs. 

Jim Tankersley, economics reporter with the New York Times, talk about his recent book, The Riches of This Land, and how the strongest middle class in American history was torn apart and how to get it back. His writing focuses on the struggles of the middle class and failure of politicians to addresses them.


A complaint of unfair labor practices against Rock Island County will next go to an administrative law judge. That was the decision Thursday by the Illinois Labor Relations Board.

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The City of Davenport plans to hold a public hearing later this month about the possible sale of The Heritage, a high-rise it owns with 120 apartments at 501 West Third Street.