Birdies for Charity

Again this year, the Birdies for Charity Fund will provide bonus dollars to participating charities and WVIK!  When you "chip in" to help WVIK through the Birdies for Charity Fund, your entire contribution will go to support our services. In addition, WVIK will receive a bonus from the Birdies For Charity Fund, historically a 5 to 10% match.

Birdies is a fun way to support WVIK with a special one-time gift. For more information about supporting WVIK by participating in Birdies for Charity, call 309-794-7500.

Pledge cards are due by June 21, 2021.  WVIK's Birdie number is 1581.


For the full rules of the Birdies Raffle click here. 

For the Birdies brochure click here.