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Davenport Emergency Crews Conducted 3rd Search for People & Pets

View of the rear of the apartment building at 324 Main Street, Davenport on Tuesday, May 30th
Herb Trix
View of the rear of the apartment building at 324 Main Street, Davenport on Tuesday, May 30th

Cats, snakes, and a lizard were rescued. But no additional people were found after the partial building collapse in Davenport on Sunday.

During a press conference late Tuesday morning, Police Chief Jeff Bladel said two of those tenants are believed to be in the building. "Based on the consolidated information at this time, as the mayor said we have five that are unaccounted for. And we have a firm belief that [two of them are] potentially still in that building."

Mayor Mike Matson also confirmed a tenant named Lisa Brooks was rescued by the fire department on Monday evening. And the fire marshal said her rescue caused city and emergency personnel to reevaluate the timing of demolition.

Amy Anderson is a cousin of one of the two unaccounted for tenants. His name is Ryan Hitchcock. She says city officials held a meeting with the family Monday night. And she's confident in Davenport's plan to recover Hitchcock's remains with safety as the top priority.

"Pushing for delays is one more day that he's under there. Going through all of all of this, Ryan wouldn't want anyone else to put their lives at risk, for, unfortunately, somebody who probably has not survived."

Chief Bladel says officers are working from three lists of around 53 tenants. Officers continue to cross-check and investigate to locate the other three people who are unaccounted for.

Here is link to an interview from the program "Here and Now" featuring an interview with WVIK's News Editor, Michelle O'Neill with Host Deepa Fernandes. https://www.wbur.org/hereandnow/2023/05/30/building-collapse-davenport-iowa

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