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Haley Town Hall in Davenport

Nikki Haley at the Dahl Old Car Home in Davenport
Nikki Haley at the Dahl Old Car Home in Davenport

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley ended her latest campaign trip to Iowa with a town hall event in Davenport.

Friday afternoon, the former governor of South Carolina and ambassador to the UN said the main issue we have to address is what she called "the national self-loathing that's taken over America."

"The idea that they're saying America's bad, or that it's rotten, or that it's racist. I was elected the first female minority governor in history - America's not racist, we're blessed. Our children need to know to love America (applause)."

And we can fix this, she thinks, by returning to the values of previous generations, "faith, family, and country."

Haley says it's easy to blame President Biden for this country's huge deficit, but Republicans have played a role too, bringing back earmarks, or spending set aside for specific projects.

"Want to know how they spent your money ? 7 1/2 million on horse racing in Arizona, 30 million on an honors college in Vermont, 10 million on a courthouse in Colorado. That's not how we want our money spent."

Part of her solution to the illegal immigration problem would be to replace what she says is the current policy of "catch and release," to "catch and deport."

During her three days in Iowa this week, Haley also held town halls in Ankeny, Waterloo, and Dubuque.

Campaigns & Elections