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Johnson Campaigns for President in the QC

Perry Johnson for President

For his latest campaign trip to Iowa, Perry Johnson will meet with fellow Republicans in the Quad Cities.

Thursday night the candidate for president, and businessman from Michigan, will attend this month's "Pints and Politics" event hosted by the Scott County Republican Party.

Johnson says the federal government spends too much money, causing inflation, and pushing the debt onto future generations.

"We in fact are giving about 75 million dollars a day to China because they own a lot of our bonds and we have to pay interest on that and we're helping to build their military. So I think we need to change things."

Perry has written a book called "Two Cents to Save America," focused on how cutting federal spending by two per cent each year would eventually balance the budget and help fix our economy.

"If we don't get it done, keep in mind we risk Social Security, we risk Medicare, we risk our national defense, and we risk having the US as the global currency."

Perry has been to Iowa five times already to campaign for the GOP presidential nomination, and says he plans to spend 20 days a month in the state leading up to next year's Iowa Caucuses. The rest of his time will focus on New Hampshire.

Campaigns & Elections