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Vertiport Under Construction in Rock Island

vertiport site in ri.PNG
the site in Rock Island, just east of the Arsenal Island viaduct, and along Sylvan Slough

Plans are in the works to build a small airport in Rock Island. But instead of planes, the "vertiport" would be for helicopters and drones.

Jake Pautsch, CEO of a Davenport-based company called DIFCO, Incorporated, says at first it would be a takeoff and landing site for medical helicopters because it's centrally located among six hospitals.

"Because in a situation where a medical helicopter encountered bad weather, and obviously if you're transporting a patient, it's not ideal to be taking them to an airport that's very, very far away from a hospital."

The location, at 3050 3rd Avenue in Rock Island, also is far enough away from buildings and other obstacles to provide a safe landing site.

And sometime in the future the vertiport could host battery-powered drones.

"So it would be used by any company that wants to develop their own drone program - whether that be a hospital to deliver medications, or whether it be a company like Amazon or Walgreens that wants to deliver their products."

Eventually Pautsch hopes to build a solar array that would provide electricity to power the un-manned aircraft.