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Celebrate Arbor Day

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Sergey Borisov
Davey Tree Expert Company

Friday is Arbor Day, and even though most of us hardly notice each year, we should. That's according to Robert Spartz, a certified arborist, and District Manager for Davey Tree Expert Company.

He says trees help clean the air we breathe, and do a whole lot more.

"Obviously the main thing for a lot of people is shade, also beauty, also water filtration, and holding ground or soil that could sluff off in rain, holding that together. "

And he worries that so many people hire him to remove trees from their properties, often because they're the source of too many leaves or acorns, that people think are a nuisance to clean up.

"A lot of the removal requests that I get don't really have good reasoning behind needing to have it removed. It's not like the tree is rotting or decaying, or has a high potential to fail, it's just removal because they don't want to deal with it anymore."

He tries to convince customers that removal may not be necessary, or at least to let him plant another in its place.

And each year, Spartz and his family celebrate Arbor Day by planting a tree in their yard.