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Niabi Zoo and Forest Preserves Foundation Donate to Ukraine Zoo

Andrey Giljov/ Wikipedia

The Niabi Zoo and Forest Preserves Foundation are working together to send $1,000 to a zoo across the world. It's part of an effort by the Zoological Association of America (ZAA), to raise money for the Askania Nova Biosphere Reserve in Ukraine.

Krisan Steiger, Board Chair of the foundation says since there is currently no feasible way to get the animals away from the Russian invasion, the donated money will pay for supplies for those working at the reserve.

"I know that the zoo keepers and the people who are working in those preserves are staying there to tend to everything that goes on in their zoological society. We need to help out in any way we can, and $1,000 is a small, small amount of money."

The Askania Nova Biosphere Reserve is home to the only captive herd of Saiga antelope in the world. It is in a heavily targeted area, which Steiger says raises safety concerns for the many animal and plant species.

"I'm hoping that people will look at it as the broader view of what's happening over there. If they're randomly bombing hospitals and places like that, they honestly don't care about the animals either."

Steiger says the $1,000 is a one-time donation, however Niabi would "certainly consider" another gift in the future.

To donate to the reserve, go to the Niabi Zoo website, find the donations page, and select "Ukraine Fund."