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Kewanee Preparing to Welcome Afghan Families

Kewanee Welcomes

The city of Kewanee is preparing to welcome three displaced families from Afghanistan. Kewanee Welcomes, a local group has partnered with Samaritan's Purse Afghan Resettlement Program to provide basic housing, clothing, and assistance to these families.

Bobi Throneburg, project organizer, said that Kewanee was chosen because of the size of the town and its ability to band together.

"It's a smaller town so it's been easy for us to network together and a lot of us know each other and have connections it's easier to know within that small network who can help with this and who can help with that."

Throneburg says government money will be available for three months and Kewanee Welcomes hopes to provide an additional 6-12 months of financial support.

"The government gives us $2,275 per newcomer. So if you have a family of eight you're going to get that number times eight to help this family learn how to budget and spend it in the U.S because that's probably different than spending it in Afghanistan and just learn how to pay their bills and rent with it."

This will be the first group of Afghans supported by Kewanee Welcomes. The number of people in the families is still unknown and there is no specified date for when the families will arrive, but the earliest date is next weekend.

Those interested in donating to Kewanee Welcomes can call 660-853-8084 or email kewaneewelcomes@gmail.com. For more information, go to https://www.facebook.com/KewaneeWelcomes/