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Floodwater Items Need to be Disposed of

After floodwaters go down, people need to be cautious about items that have been exposed to possibly contaminated water. The Rock Island Department of Emergency Management is reminding people how to properly dispose of flood items.

Rock Island Lieutenant Mindy Meyers says floodwaters should be treated like sewage, since no one knows what it contains.

"If you have a well, and you've been affected by the floodwaters, Rock Island County Health Department will come out and test your water if you give them a call to make sure it's safe for drinking. I definitely would not drink it until you get it tested. And if you have a septic, which a lot of these residents do, I recommend having a professional come out to check and make sure it's okay."

Anything exposed to floodwaters should either be sanitized or disposed of. People should wear masks, gloves, and goggles when cleaning. Meyers suggests that people take photos of damages caused by the water for insurance purposes. 

"And make sure the power is off. If the water has affected anything, I'd hate for anything to happen. So, have an electrician inspect the home. And look before they step. You know, after a flood, the ground and floors are covered in debris. There could be broken bottles or nails in the floors. And stairs that could've been covered in mud could be very slippery too."

People can call the Department of Emergency Management at 309-799-5166 to get advice on cleaning after a flood.