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Jen Chapin Trio

"Funky folk and earthy jazz" are being featured this week in the Quad Cities. Those are the specialties of the Jen Chapin Trio, the latest participant in the Quad City Arts Visiting Artist Series.

The Trio is led by Jen Chapin, playing guitar and singing, plus an electric guitarist and a bassist. And the group plays what she calls "original urban folk music."

"Urban folk music means there's a kind of rhythmic tension and, in some cases, there's a sophistication. My bandmates are really virtuoso jazz musicians so they're bringing that spirit of improvisation, and listening and responding to the moment."

Chapin writes and sings songs about love and other personal issues, but also considers herself a community activist.

"And I really see music and all art as an essential part of the democratic dialogue and I love to be part of that."

The Jen Chapin Trio was organized in 2005 and, since then, has toured the country and even performed overseas. She says this is the first time her group has participated in an residency like Visiting Artists, and she's been very impressed so far with the children they've played for and their interest in their music.

The group's public performance will be Friday at 7pm at the River Music Experience in Davenport.