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Teens Need Many Reminders Not to Text While Driving

A cell phone company is trying to get customers to put their phones down at least while they're behind the wheel. Tomorrow morning, AT&T Illinois will ask Rock Island High School students to promise not to text while driving.

Spokesman, Dennis Pauley, says about four years ago, AT&T began to highlight the "negative aspects" of cell phone use. He says 97% of teens believe texting while driving is dangerous, but 43 percent admit they do it anyway. The name of the campaign is "It Can Wait," which is also the web address where anyone can take the pledge not to text while driving. He says, "It may not seem like a big deal, but it is. It makes you stop and think, is it really worth it? And that's what we want people to do. If you need to text someone, pull over and stop to do it. Don't do it at a red light. It's against the law."

Tomorrow, Pauley and others will talk to members of the high school's Key Club, repeating statistics and stories about fatal crashes that prove how dangerous it really is. "They hear the same things over and over. We ask the students what they know about texting and driving, what stories have they heard. But we're highlighting it until people realize it's serious. People die because of texting and driving.

The web site is It Can Wait, and it features videos, a place to take the pledge, and a kit for the students to promote the no texting while driving pledge.