Yo Yo Ma WIll Perform in the QC

November  27, 2013

      One of the best-known classical musicians in the world will help the Quad City Symphony celebrate its 100th anniversary season. Today the symphony announced cellist Yo Yo Ma will headline a concert in May of 20-15.

      Executive director Ben Loeb says Ma probably receives 50 or 60 requests like this each year, and may have 2 or 3 openings for regional orchestras like the Quad Cities. 

      "His personal mission is to grow music and to create more connections. And so he likes to leverage his fame and his skill to help communities like ours."

      And it probably didn't hurt that Loeb had worked with him in the past, including arranging two songs for one of Ma's albums. 

      Still to be decided though, is what he'll play during the Quad Cities concert. 

      "Yo Yo knows certain pieces are very celebratory, but it has to fit into his schedule. He travels so much and he has limited time to prepare repetoire."

       Yo Yo Ma has recorded over 90 albums and won 17 Grammy Awards.  His performance with the Quad City Symphony is set for May 14th, 20-15.