Wilson Middle School Crime Stoppers Club

November  20, 2012

    A school in Moline is safer and more secure thanks to some students. Today members of the Crime Stoppers Club at Wilson Middle School presented a check for 1,000 dollars to their principal.
    Co-president Anna Finch says in recent years the club has helped pay for new locks for outside and inside doors, and security cameras.
     "Donating all this money back - it just feels so good to know that we've helped make the school safe for everyone."
    The club at Wilson is 11 years old and currently has 60 members.
    Police Liaison Jon Leach is the club advisor. He says today's gift is the result of a very successful dance and pizza sale.
    "They decided the thousand dollars for the school was a good way to spend that money. The school uses it toward improvements for school safety - like cameras. The school is not getting so much money from the state so any way the kids help out, as small as it is, makes them feel good."
    Money raised by the club also is used to reward students who notify him and the Wilson staff about possible crimes at the school, including vandalism, drugs, or weapons.
    Finch says fundraising also helps pay for field trips, including the county jail and Moline police station, and for future fund-raising activities.