Wharton Browning Book

February  20, 2014

      Two landmarks in the Quad Cities are celebrated in a new book. Two local authors have just published "A Century of Players, Performers, and Pageants - Wharton Field House and Browning Field, Moline, Illinois."  

       The authors are Curt Roseman and Diann Moore.

       Roseman says they started to write a history just about Wharton, then added Browning Field because of the strong ties and similarities between the two. And he thinks people will be surprised by the number and variety of events they hosted - Browning once hosted midget car races. 

      "If you wanted a big crowd for an athletic event or some other event, a visiting entertainer for example, then the field house was the place. Essentially it was the multi-purpose place for the Quad Cities until 1993 when The Mark of the Quad Cities opened. Today it's called the I Wireless Center."

      Browning Field opened in 1912, and Wharton Field House in 1928, and both continue to be used year-round, mainly by their owner the Moline School District.

      Roseman says in the 1930's both Augustana and Saint Ambrose hosted basketball games at Wharton - Augustana against the University of Illinois and Saint Ambrose against the University of Iowa.

      He and Moore are both holding book signings tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday, and their book officially goes on sale Saturday at several sites, including Lagomarcino's, the Rock Island County Historical Society, Trevor True Value, and the Quad Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau.