We Hire Vets

November  08, 2012

    A new effort is underway to help veterans. Today the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce kicked off a program called "We Hire Vets."
    Executive vice president Paul Rumler says hiring veterans helps the former soldiers, and their employers get educated and dedicated workers.
    Each year, an estimated 250,000 people leave the US military for civilian life, and state and federal tax breaks are available for those who hire them.
    Rumler says We Hire Vets is aimed at all sizes and all types of companies and organizations, including manufacturing, food processing, logistics, defense, and local government.
    The chamber is asking its members to sign a pledge to support the new program, and among the first to sign are Alcoa, Tyson Foods, the city of East Moline, and defense contractor, The Mandus Group.
    More information - for employers and veterans - is available at the Chamber of Commerce website.