Vikings to the Dominican Republic

January  02, 2014

      Some students from Augustana College will get a break from this extreme winter weather. Friday the softball team will travel to the Dominican Republic - to play, work with local children, and do some sight-seeing.

      Coach Kris Kistler says at this time of year she looks for affordable, warm locations where the team can practice. And the N-C-double-A allows teams to make one foreign trip every three years.

      "It's a tremendous learning experience. It's just a great way to bring our team together and experience new things together."

      The Vikings will play several games, taking on another college team, and also the Dominican Republic's national softball team.  The players will also hold a free clinic for kids.

      "All of our players are collecting their old stuff, and old softball gear from people they know, and bringing it down to them. Our basketball team did that as well and it was one of their favorite experiences there - just interacting with the young kids."

      Kistler says trips like this are a lot of extra work, but well worth it.  The team will return on January 10th. 



(photo courtesy of Sports Information Director Dave Wrath)