Verschoore Running Again

October  10, 2013

     More than a year before the next election, Pat Verschoore has decided to run again. This week, the democratic Illinois state representative from Milan announced he'll be a candidate for the 72nd district again next year.

     Among the many accomplishments he lists is bringing millions of state dollars to the Quad Cities.

     "Mike Jacobs and I were instrumental in getting money for the Kone Building. And I worked very hard on getting $17 million from I-DOT (Illinois Department of Transportation) for the Metro Link Building."

      But there's still a lot to do - or in Verschoore's words, "a few loose ends to tie up."

     "Of course we're doing quite well with Western (WIU), but I think we need to push for phase 3 if we can. I want to get the campus completed. And then of course Amtrak - I want to see that come to fruition."

     He's also worked on the project to build a new I-74 bridge, and hopes to see that get underway.

     A retired member of the plumbers and pipefitters union, Verschoore first went to Springfield in 2003 to replace Joel Brunsvold when he was named director of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. He first won election the following year and has been re-elected every two years since then.