United Way Campaign Kickoff 2013

August  21, 2013

A record number of volunteers are out working in the Quad Cities for the annual Day of Caring. Nearly 2,000 Quad Citians are lending a hand Wednesday to help kick off this year's United Way campaign.

Campaign Co-Chair, John Riches, says he's confident they'll reach their goal of 8.8 million dollars.

 "We believe we'll be successful this year," said Riches. "It's a five percent increase over last year. What we're really focusing on is increasing the percent of participation from the companies that are connected to our campaign. So really just trying to make sure each one of our companies has five more people participate, we believe we'll meet our goal."

Riches says the money will fund nearly 90 different programs in the Quad Cities, as well as other initiatives that focus on education, income, and health.

Co-Chair Kim Armstrong says they'll work hard to encourage volunteering and donating year-round, and not just on days like today.

"What's most important is that the money stays in our community," said Armstrong. "It does not get dispersed throughout the United States. It stays locally. So when someone gives to United Way of the Quad Cities, they can be assured that the money stays to help the citizens who live here." 

The United Way of the Quad Cities will try to raise 8.8 million dollars this fall with the support of local businesses and residents.