Trail Addition Opens in Bettendorf

October  23, 2013

     A new section of recreation trail is now open in Bettendorf. This afternoon, the city held a ribbon cutting to celebrate the completion of a three-quarter-mile addition to the Crow Creek Trail.

     Steve Grimes, director of Parks and Recreation, says the new section connects Crow Creek Park, along Crow Creek, to the sidewalk and trail along Middle Road. And the trail along Middle Road extends all the way to 23rd Street and the Life Fitness Center.

     He estimates Bettendorf now has about 24 miles of trail.

     "I think one of the things it does is just the connectivity people have when they're out biking, walking, or running along the trails as opposed to going somewhere as a destination in their vehicles. There's just not that human connection."

     The city spent about 470,000 dollars for the new, three-quarter-mile section. Bettendorf received grants to help pay for its previous trail projects, but not this one.