Topinka visits BHC

July  15, 2013

     Illinois' financial problems are costing Black Hawk College a lot of money. That was the message today from college officials to Illinois Comptroller Judy Barr Topinka - as the new fiscal year begins she's meeting with local leaders to talk about the state's money problems, and delayed payments.

     Vice President for Finance, Leslie Anderson, says Black Hawk has borrowed money to make up for lower state funding, and payment delays. And it's still waiting for one million dollars promised to help pay for the new sustainable technologies building. 

     "That money has never come. So local taxpayers paid for it through issuing bonds. If we do not receive that from the state by December lst of this year that money becomes permanently funded by local taxpayers instead of the state as pr0mised."

     As of June 30th, Anderson says Illinois owed Black Hawk College 3.7 million dollars. Topinka says thanks to an un-expected jump in state revenue in the spring, Illinois is now "only" 6 billion dollars behind in paying its bills. But that cash infusion was a one-time event.

     "As we enter the fall we can expect to see the backlog in payments rise again. In fact we expect to be back at 7.5 billion in unpaid bills by the end of August, and by December, 9 billion dollars."

     Topinka say anyone owed money by the state should call her office to see if a payment plan can be worked out, so they can receive at least some of their money sometime soon.  


(photo BHC bd chair David Emerick, Topinka, BHC pres Thomas Baynum)