Thompson Announces

August  13, 2013

     A judge in the Illinois Quad Cities has decided to run for a full term on the bench. Today Linnea Thompson announced her candidacy for circuit judge in the democratic primary next March.

     Just last June she was appointed to fill the vacancy created by the retirement of Charles Stengel - and she'll complete his un-expired term that lasts until the end of 20-14. Thompson practiced privately for 34 years before her appointment. 

     "I've consistently pledged that everyone who appears before me will be treated fairly and with respect, regardless of one's identity, power, or weaknesss. Since assuming the bench I believe that I've carried out that pledge and I will continue to do so."

     If her announcement is any indication, Thompson is backed by many democratic party leaders in Rock Island County - attending today were the state's attorney, recorder, treasurer, circuit clerk, auditor, and coroner, among others.