The River Bend Food Bank Moves

February  26, 2014

      After a long search and more than a year of renovations, the River Bend Food Bank has moved. Today it held a press conference and tours to show off its new warehouse and offices in southwest Davenport.

      Executive director Tom Laughlin says River Bend first opened in downtown Moline 32 years ago, including the last 20 years in the 12th Street location. And it just out-grew the old site.

      "We were able to distribute nearly 2 million pounds out of the first warehouse, and last year we distributed a record 8 million pounds from our previous location in downtown Moline. It is exciting to think of the possibilities in terms of food distribution out of this wonderful facility."

      The new offices and warehouse have a total of 60,000 square feet - triple the size of the Moline location.  And despite the move across the river, Laughlin says River Bend's service area will stay the same - 17 counties in Illinois and five in Iowa. 

      "32 years ago when we started, it was viewed as a supplemental resource - maybe you would get 10 % of your food from the food bank. But now the reality is that many of our food pantries, particularly in rural areas, would not even be able to open their doors without the support of the food bank."

      River Bend bought the warehouse on Kimmel Drive in late 2012, and spent the past year fixing it up. The former warehouse for Montgomery Wards, and other companies, had been vacant for a couple of years.