Terronez update

August  17, 2012

Jeff Terronez could lose his license to practice law for two years. That was the recommendation today from a hearing board of the Illinois Attorney, Registration and Disciplinary Commission after the former Rock Island County State's Attorney admitted providing alcohol to a minor.

Deputy administrator and chief counsel, Jim Grogan, says the three-member hearing board heard testimony and considered evidence in the case, and concluded he should be suspended for two years, retro-active to last October when the Illinois Supreme Court ordered his license be suspended on an interim basis.

But a much harsher penalty is possible. Grogan says the commission's administrator will appeal, and ask for a tougher penalty - disbarrment. Terronez also has the right to appeal the hearing board's recommendation.

Grogan says the next step for the case is the commission's Review Board which will hear the appeal, and then sometime next year, the Illinois Supreme Court could make its final decision on whether he'll ever get his law license back.

In April of last year (2011), Terronez resigned after being charged with, and pleading guilty, to the misdemeanor of unlawful delivery of alcohol to an under-age person. He was sentenced to two years probation, and to forfeit his state pension.